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  • Pratik Panigrahi

    Electrical O&M Specialist

    Pratik Panigrahi

    10+ years of Exp.

  • Telip Pradhan

    MEP (Mechanical) Industry Expert

    Telip Kumar Pradhan

    8+ years of Exp.

  • Priyamvada Saxena

    Electric Vehicles Design Specialist

    Priyamvada Saxena

    7+ years of Exp.

  • Ajay Kumar Behera

    Metallurgical Industry Expert

    Ajay Kumar Behera

    10+ years of Exp.

  • Asgaruddin Ahmad

    MEP- HVAC Industry Expert

    Asgaruddin Ahmad

    9+ years of Exp.

  • Archisman Mishra

    Mechanical Design Specialist

    Archisman Mishra

    8+ years of Exp.

  • Chaturbhuja Behera

    Steel Manufacturing Industry Expert

    Chaturbhuja Behera

    22+ years of Exp.

  • Pratik Panigrahi

    Power Transmission Specialist

    Hemant Ku. Singh

    7+ years of Exp.

  • Pratik Panigrahi

    Power Distribution Specialist

    Prabhakar Pattnaik

    14+ years of Exp.

  • Pratik Panigrahi

    Construction Industry Expert

    Rajmani Yadav

    8+ years of Exp.

  • Pratik Panigrahi

    Industrial Automation Expert

    Ramakrishna Panda

    8+ years of Exp.

  • Pratik Panigrahi

    Power Plant Industry Expert

    Sai Shatanand

    9+ years of Exp.

  • Pratik Panigrahi

    Electrical Design Specialist

    Ms. Shalini Mund

    8+ years of Exp.

  • Pratik Panigrahi

    Computer Aided Engg. Specialist

    Suren Mohanty

    12+ years of Exp.

  • Pratik Panigrahi

    Mechanical Industry Expert

    Subrat Acharya

    10+ years of Exp.

  • Priyashma Mishra

    Priyashma Mishra

    I really struggled for one year to get the desired job after completion of my engineering then I quickly realized that in order to grab the dream job, I had to upskill. Aimed at making my career in Electric Vehicle (EV) sector, I decided to enroll in the NinthSem EV Course. After this course I was not only equipped with sharp industry skills but also grabbed my dream job.

  • Arpan Sahu

    Arpan Sahu

    I had been rejected in many job interviews due to lack confidence and had various fears due to lack of technical knowledge. Meanwhile, I came across NinthSem & took up the course. Over the months, I've come to experience a lot and learned a lot. I can now say I can behave in a much more confident manner when it comes to sitting for any interview.

  • Rupali Dash

    Rupali Dash

    During my engineering days, I was always curious about the renewable energy. So I wanted to learn more & make a career in that sector. UntiI enrolling at NinthSem, I really faced extreme difficulties to get a dedicated structured course through which I could have built the desired skill sets required for the renewable energy sector. Many thanks to the NinthSem team.

  • Sabyasachi Sharma

    Sabyasachi Sharma

    I've only attended a virtual workshop on Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) provided by NinthSem. It was absolutely masterclass. I learnt a lot of things which are not in our engineering syllabus. NinthSem truly provides skill based learning which can make you fit to the industry requirements. Looking forward to attend such great & interactive workshops.

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